Celtics PRIDE podcast: Kyrie back in The Garden and previewing Week #1

Brooklyn Nets v Boston Celtics
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Kyrie’s back and he’ll be back again on Christmas.

About This Episode: After Friday’s episode, Adam, Josh, and Mike (mostly Mike) were called out by Durwood Vanderhoop (@1durwood on Twitter), a member of the Aquinnah Wampanoag Tribe, for the way we discussed Kyrie’s use of sage to perform a traditional smudging practice prior to the Celtics-Nets preseason game. So, we apologized. And we were appreciative when Durwood agreed to join us to discuss.

“Native American people have been looking for that role model in the NBA for a long time and it’s really exciting for me and I think a lot of Native people to have somebody that is really embracing their roots.” – Durwood Vanderhoop

Durwood shared the significance of sage burning and smudging in his life and his reaction to seeing a bona fide NBA superstar like Kyrie Irving embracing and representing his own Native American heritage. We also discuss the inherent reactivity Celtics fans have to anything Kyrie does, how that contributed to culturally insensitive and uninformed backlash among Celtics fans and media, and briefly reflect on other examples of non-Western cultures imprinting and positively impacting basketball (here’s looking at you Doc!)

We round out the episode by taking a look ahead to this week’s upcoming games against a revamped Milwaukee Bucks squad and the same Brooklyn Nets that just walloped the C’s in the preseason.

Adam and Mike predict doom-and-gloom for the opening week, while Josh tries to keep perspective. It was just another day on Celtics PRIDE (@celticspridepod).

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