Is Jaylen Brown Ready to be a Full Time Number 2 for Celtics? – Ryan and Goodman


Jaylen Brown will pick up most of the scoring responsibility with Kemba Walker out to start the season. Jeff Goodman isn’t sure if he’s ready.

Bob Ryan and Jeff Goodman discussed how much better Jaylen Brown can become in a special edition of the Garden Report on CLNS Media last week. They asked if Brown can be the No. 2 scorer on a team contending for the NBA Finals.

“He is certainly capable,” Ryan said. “I think he’s a borderline all star, you can argue that.”

The Celtics will need him to make another offensive leap with Kemba Walker down as defenses will pressure him more and the offense will rely on Marcus Smart on the ball more. Can Brown assert himself? Bob Ryan believes so, while Jeff Goodman believes we may have seen the best of Brown at this point — and even proposed an idea Boston should have tried this offseason.

“Defensively, absolutely,” Goodman said. “When you’re getting up and down in transition, yes, but if you don’t have Kemba, if you’ve got Jeff Teague and Marcus Smart, to me you’re going to be playing more in the half court. I don’t think that is where jaylen Brown thrives. I still think he struggles with his decision making in the half court. I think he’s great as your No. 3 guy on a team … we’ve seen that he’s inconsistent with his shot, he’s inconsistent with his decision making, his passing ability.”

Kiss Deep Celtics Playoff run goodbye without Kemba

Goodman is not sure Boston even makes the playoffs if Walker isn’t right.

“They’re not going anywhere,” Goodman said. “Probably make the playoffs, but man you’ve got Jeff Teague as your starting point guard playing 35 minutes per game at that point? I don’t know if you’re a lock … if the Celtics don’t have a healthy Kemba Walker by Feb. 1, they’re in major trouble. They can kiss this season goodbye going deep in the playoffs. They have no chance.”

Chances James Harden plays for the Rockets this year?

With that top-end talent concern at the top of the Celtics and James Harden seemingly becoming available soon, the Celtics will certainly pop up in rumors about his next destination. The Philadelphia 76ers and Brooklyn Nets, and now the Milwaukee Bucks, are Harden’s top priorities, but the player’s desire didn’t stop Danny Ainge from acquiring someone in past cases.

Should Celtics consider Isaiah Thomas?

If Kemba Walker was permanently out for the season should the Celtics bring back Isaiah Thomas? Isaiah was a well loved player when he was on the Celtics, but sadly he hurt himself even worse playing with a bad hip. A major problem with Isaiah Thomas is that no matter what team he is on, the ball must be in his hand and he must run the show. Also discussed, how big of an upgrade is Jeff Teague from Brad Wanamaker?

“If he was getting 30, he was giving up 30,” Goodman said. “But man he was exciting to watch on the offensive end.”

Kyrie Irving Will Not Be Talking to The Media This Year

Finally, everybody’s favorite topic.

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